Five Things That You Never Expect On Vasectomy Reversal

I’m joined by Jeffrey person receiving welcome to our webinar on de sectomy reversals as you may or may not be aware there’s probably about , men each year that have vasectomies and probably about three percent of those some stage may consider having a reversal so what we’d like to do is to chat to you tonight about vasectomy reversals what it entails risks success.

rate and basically vasectomy reversal answer any questions that you are that you may have basically the proceedings for tonight as Jeffrey will run through a presentation for you I’m vasectomy reversals and then at the end if you’ve got any questions we’re more than happy to address those questions hi there look as Frank is outlined I’m going to talk about the second reversal and I’m going to we work as a team together in fact we’ve been in this job for about two decades so we’ve got a lot of experience and vasectomy reversal.

or this sort of work is part of what we do and I think one of the good skills that we do have is that we’re not just involved with doing surgery we see couples together and we see what particular problems exist and we have a few ways of approaching things which make our way we look after this particular aspect well this is an unique but i but i think quite the blood more importantly even in the seminal plasma even though there’s a blockage there if you measure in the seminal plasma these entities called sperm antibodies there are high amounts of these these will frustrate the processes and normal fertilization after.