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You a bed or whatever is done at p.m. and we were there I like what time for we were there at and so we had to go and rent a u-haul truck and to like COMERS driving it right now he’s dying doesn’t even want to be identified on camera perfect anyway weave our bed we have nightstands we haves table bit of chairs we have like the budding sheets everything that you needs far so we’re.

Going to try and bring that to our apartment and then we ha veto go drop this thing off and then pickup our car and then go to Walmart handpick up like little things that we needn’t little things but like me kitchen stuff we need bathroom stuff waiting garbage can I thought I’d help you guys and how our day is going it’s been quite a mess but it’s okay we’re getting it done good morning.

guys so it is now day two here of moving and I think last night Stopped blogging after the Chinese food because we were so so tired but we stayed up until like a.m. last night Nick I’m more than positive we stayed up for so long we ended up going to Walmart and then we got all our stuff for kitchen for a bathroom we got like pot spans plates cups whatever else you could even think of and then we ended up putting our IKEA bud together which is right over here I don’t think I’ve showed you guys apartment yet.

But thesis basically what it looks like it is studio apartment keep in mind it’s very small but it’s really really cute and I like it we put our bud together this is a queen-size embalmer I did such a good job and then here we have to put together our chairs over her ewe have a table that we’re going to put together we have two nightstands here don’t even look at the mess over there Don’t know why I’m showing this to you guys but yeah so it is quite a mess right now and then.