Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Houston Movers On Your Own

A burger no I had a burger at school today can I have some pasta yes with some juice and bread I’m thirsty but I don’t want any bread – what did Sally get for her birthday it was Sally’s birthday last week Oh what did her parents give her I don’t know she wanted a guitar.

Computer well they didn’t give her those oh yes I know they gave her a new camera she’ll like that she loves taking photos three where did Peter go at the weekend where did your friend Peter go at the weekend well he wanted to go and watch a basketball game so did he go no he couldn’t his mum wanted to go to the mountains for the weekend and his dad wanted to go to the sea did he go to the sea.

Then no his dad had to work but he went with his mum to the mountains for what was the matter with Mary Mary couldn’t come to school today what was the matter with her did she have a stomachache no she had a temperature was she in bed no she sat on the sofa in the living room five what fruit has Fred got in his garden ma’am Fred’s parents have got a new house in the country it’s very big that’s good has it got a garden yes it has and there’s a lot of fruit Oh does it have coconuts.

or bananas no but it’s got a lot of pineapples part five look at the picture listen and look there is one example can you see the monster on the bed yes I can well color the monster blue can you see the blue monster this is an example now you listen and color and draw one there are two cupboards in the room can you.